Gibraltar Orthopaedic & Medical Clinic

Who we are

Gibraltar Orthopaedic & Medical Clinic is situated at the heart of Irish Town. We have taken strides to  provide state of the art technology in medical care, operating to the highest professional standards, offering a wide range of services all under one roof. We have a combined wealth of experience which encompasses over three decades of dedicated practitioners, which sets us at the forefront of the medical industry. 
The Gibraltar Orthopaedic Medical Clinic is where advanced healthcare technology meets decades of expert medical experience to deliver unparalleled, specialised medical care for you and your loved ones. Situated in the heart of Irish Town, the Gibraltar Orthopaedic & Medical Clinic, a stone’s throw away from Main Street, is both convenient and easily accessible to patients. Our clinic is equipped with a highly regarded team of doctors and surgeons in the medical industry, ensuring that we can offer the highest standards in private medical and surgical care possible. All our medical and surgical experts are multidisciplinary, which is why we provide exceptional care from head-to-toe, covering a broad spectrum of medical care, all under the same roof.
We work closely with various expert therapists and healthcare individuals, aided only by the best specialists available to get you back on track. Our team of practitioners, surgeons and physicians offer you comprehensive expert care from your first consultation through surgery, to a well supervised, structured rehabilitation program. At the Gibraltar Orthopaedic Medical Clinic, we ensure you and your loved ones are expertly guided and fully supported every step of the way. 


Our Services

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Holistic Massage Therapy

Orthopaedic Surgery


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47 Irish Town

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