Purchase Loans

What are Purchase Loans?

Purchase loans are used for the purpose of purchasing goods from a retailer. The way that these loans work is that you get a quote from the retailer you wish to purchase the goods from and those goods are held as collateral against the loan so theres no requirement for a guarantor.


What Retailers do we work with?


Netgear Limited

The Watch Clinic


Gibraltar Orthopaedic & Medical Clinic


Pro Valeting

Riviera Maison

Hot & Cold



Tagore Group

Bike Zoo


SOHO Designs

Accoria Services Company LTD

Essardas Group

Gaggero Cemats

Alpha Electronics


A&C Filters

Rock Cool

How it Works

Step 1: Get a quote from the retailer

Step 2: Apply online 

Step 3: Get Approved

Step 4: Enjoy your goods


Contact Us to find out More

In order to qualify for any of our loan products you will need to meet the below requirements

Over 18

Resident in Gibraltar

Working in Gibraltar

Minimum Loan of £500

What Documents Do I Need

1) Work Contract

2) Last 3 Months of Payslips

3) Passport

4) Gib Red ID Card

5) Last 3 Months of Bank Statements (Including all Bank accounts in your Name) 

6) Utility Bill

7) A Quote from one of our selected partners