Purchase Loan (via Gib Retailer)

Purchase goods or services from any of our partners in Gibraltar and you will have the option to finance it. 

A purchase loan is a loan for goods from a Gibraltar Retailer to finance the purchase of goods / services. The minimum amount is £500. A purchase loan differentiates from a Personal Loan in that it is specifically for the purchase of goods from one of our Gibraltar partners. It allows you to spread the cost of the purchase over a year (or two for value over £2500).

This Purchase loan tends to be simple and easy and no guarantor is required. At any retail partner in Gibraltar, decide on what items you wish to purchase, apply online providing all requested documentation, wait for a response, and if approved, you can proceed to collect the goods directly from the retail partner. You will then pay for the goods over the year (or two) directly with us. This makes shopping easy, and lessens the financial strain by paying on a monthly basis!!!

The minimum amount is £500 and the maximum is £5000.

For Purchases between 

£500 and £2500 the loan term is 1 year. 

£2500 and £5000 the maximum loan term is 2 years.

No Guarantor required for these loans.

Personal Loans

We offer personal loans no matter the occasion. 

We also offer interest free loans which you’re able to spread over 3, 6 and 9 months. 

£500 over 3 months – Payback £200 a month

£750 over 6 months – Payback £160 a month

£1000 over 9 months – Payback £150 a month 

Subject to Credit check. Monthly admin fee included.

3. Business Loan

Business loans are capital offered by lenders to businesses. Usually, business loans require regular payments on a set schedule, but terms are customized based on your business’ requirements. 

Business Loans will require annual business accounts, trading history, and security. Horizon Finance may also consider applications from Start-up businesses based on your business plans, assets, and requirements.

If you can grow your business as a result of additional capital then, we can help you grow your business by providing the finance you may need. We will work with you and your business to assist with the finance requirements of your business. 

Security will be required for these loans. 

If you wish to start the process please complete the form below or email us finance@finance.gi  with your initial request and we’ll be in touch.