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What is Buy Now, PayLater?

In a nutshell, Buy Now, Pay Later is a type of short-term financing. It allows you to make a purchase and spread your payments over several instalments.

How it works

Buy Now, Pay Later programmes varies from company to company and each one will have their own general terms and conditions onhow they work. Generally, they tend to operate on 4 basic principles:

– You visit any of the participating retailers and opt for buy now, pay later. In our case you obtain a quote and apply online

– If approved (Normally same day) you make the first payment in store and then the remaining payments are spread over several instalments depending on the repayment plan.

– Over the course of the term you pay off the stipulated payments.

– The payments automatically come out of your bank account via direct debit so theres no hassle on your end.

Why Buy Now & Pay Later

There are lots of benefits that come with Buy Now, Pay Later programmes. It allows you to afford things of high value by spreading a large payment into small manageable instalments. 

They are normally convenient and allow you to see exactly when and how much you need to pay with the help of a clear repayment schedule. It also allows you to pay for emergency expenses which you may not have the cash for, such as a broken fridge or car. 

Where can i Buy Now, Pay Later

You can Buy Now, Pay Later in all if your favourite Gibraltar Retailers below:


Rock Cool, Abegon, Gaggero Cemats, Rooms By Acmoda, Interbuild, Hot & Cold, 14K, Hygge, Scala, Alpha Electronics, Tagore, Pro Valeting, Soho Designs, D&H Ceramics, Netgear, Bike Zoo, Essardas Group, A&C Fitters, Gibraltar Orthopaedic & Medical Centre and Accoria Services.